About Us

Establishing Fangorn Donkey Stud has been a well thought out and gradual process. We’ve The Castle Hill Show. 22-3-09 (13)

taken the extra time and travelled far and wide to hand select superior breeding stock with high standards in conformation and above all, temperament.
We were first introduced to the idea of donkeys in 2003. At this time we were searching for a grazing animal to help us “keep the grass down”.

I remember our initial reaction – Donkeys?

And then the more we thought about it, the more we realised that perhaps donkeys would be a very good option to consider. As usual; before we took the “plunge” we thoroughly investigated our options and discovered the more we learnt about donkeys, the more we were convinced that they were the perfect choice for us!

One of our initial fears of keeping animals on our property was their susceptibility to stray dogs. Once we discovered that stray dogs wouldn’t bother Donkeys – and in fact, that Donkeys would help keep them out, we were even more convinced!

They would also be great (and safer) for the kids to learn to ride on and would make terrific companion animals.

Donkeys sounded so perfect, that we’d wondered why we hadn’t considered them sooner!Telly joins Victoria and Kara in the back paddock - 11-8-05 026

In 2004 we finally bought our first donkey! She was a beautiful, broodmare (a jenny in-foal) named “Victoria”;

who in the cold and early morning of June the 2nd 2005, gave birth to a gorgeous little, black jenny (female donkey) which we named “Kara”.

By this stage donkeys had well and truly grown on us and we were thoroughly enjoying every minute with them!

In 2006 a beautiful broken-coloured jenny named “Allira” joined our small herd. We now owned three delightful jennies, but couldn’t help feeling that something was missing….

It was about at this time that we started to seriously consider taking on the extra responsibility of becoming a donkey stud.

Then in 2008, after much searching, we finally found our handsome young jack (male donkey) who we named “Archer”, and with that we took our first steps to becoming Fangorn Donkey Stud.

We look forward to the future with great excitement and anticipation. Our donkeys give us so much joy and happiness that we are thrilled to think that we will now be able to share this wonderful experience with others.

Once you get to know donkeys, you can’t help but love them!